81st Avenue Branch library workshop

So I've started a 3 month mural workshop with young people at the 81st Avenue Branch library in East Oakland. It's so exciting! Totally at the intersection of what I want to do. I planned a very elaborate curriculum, and after my first workshop I'm realizing that I need to shift the structure. Doing the work in Laos has really helped prepare me for being flexible, not being disappointed when things don't go according to elaborate plans, and for shifting the structure around quickly. That being said, I'm working today on how to shift from a curriculum to a drop-in style class for a group of friends, and it's difficult. Working with a group that might shift a lot, some of whom think they are good artists and others who don't (and who haven't taken much art instruction before), and different ages, might mean mural that is a bit random, will be quickly dated, and not be very time intensive.

So, I need to shift towards a workshop where the teens are generating wonderful drawings/images that can be turned into a composite image and then painted, Precita Eyes instant mural workshop style. I need to have some activities that involve lots more pre-class work/prep on my part so supplies are exciting and involving. I need to work discussion into the project in a structured way, and figure out how to change the physical space - right now we're working in a corner without tables...maybe if it was more classroom like we could be less scattered and it could facilitate some collaboration.

Ideas: 1. snacks and cool books on the table (it's important to make the space art workshopy), just hang out. 2. Groupwork: talk about what you’re hopeful for (divide into 2 groups), making collages on a big piece of paper (sketch/composition) (supplies: books to cut from, magazines, etc). 3. Individual: draw/paint from collages (supplies: fun paints, markers, pastels, bigger pieces of paper!) 4. Timeline: print out pieces, have them hang it up, and add what hopeful for – talk about sketchbooks, journals. 5. Prompt for next week: think about how you want the mural to look, be about. Sketch your ideas.

Ideas: Making collages, and then drawing from collages. Big pieces of paper that students work on together - lots of color and an accessible prompt. Take home prompts for students to work on their own - send them home with good materials.