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So! This debate seems to be a great button-pusher in the Children’s Librarian world. Here’s my two cents – and I do want to locate my comic in my identity as an agnostic/white lady librarian. The comments and points were pulled from the following blogs, and were summaries and paraphrases: Librarians, Check Your Holidays at the Door – Kendra Jones – Storytime Underground – 11/12/2014 Speaking out about Holiday Programming at the Library – Kendra Jones – ALSC Blog – 12/25/2014 Ditch Holiday Programming – Kendra Jones – School Library Journal – 11/24/2014 Crankypants Monday – Roger Sutton – Horn Book – 12/1/2014 Jumping Off the Holiday Bandwagon – Lindsey Krabbenhoft – Jbrary – 11/26/2014 and this Facebook post by Rebecca McCorkindale