Maker Family Challenge!

This weekend we had a great program that brought joy to my librarian heart! Called the Maker Family Challenge, it was as simple as just putting out supplies, posing a challenge, and letting families go at it.16205761423_2011956e6d_z The challenge was: with the supplies provided (rubber bands, balloons, cardboard, pipe cleaners, styrofoam, straws, and other weird recycled stuff), can you build a boat that floats? 16638314510_f88a3367a8_z I heard lots of great creative problem solving, teamwork, and sweet explanations of how buoyancy worked (I put out signs that explained it as well). It's always great to see men in the children's library as well - they come in on Saturdays, and were out in force for this program. 16825696985_7f89219aff_z Next challenge I want to do a two-step challenge - we had some older kids come that might have appreciated a more challenging challenge. It was a great experiment in open-ended programming!