Starting Librarian School

This section has never really been a blog, but now with this new template it can be. I'm shifting to librarian school (pursuing an MLIS from San Jose State) starting in a week! Occasionally I feel as though I giving up on creativity/art, didn't even try, threw my hands up before I even started. However, I don't really see myself running after grants and working alone in that way, at least not at this point in my life. And the similarities between being a librarian/information sciences and art are extremely interesting to me - I think figuring out ways of giving access to and framing information are my favorite aspects of creating art.

In another note, I've come across some incredible comic artists lately. I'm so interested in how the information they present visually is absorbed, and the tricks and skill they employ to tell the reader something: Kate Beaton Wendy Macnaughton Dylan Maconis John Alison Alison Bechdel (her Are You My Mother is so good!)