#HLSDITL Day four and five

As part of Hack Library School’s Library Student Day in the Life, a look at library students’ days around the world from October 28 – November 1, I am blogging about my week! I am a student at San Jose State University, an online program, getting my Masters in Library and Information Science. My focus is on youth librarianship. I missed yesterday! As well as a few other deadlines... what a bummer.

Yesterday I spent the morning not doing school (but made a cool moon costume), had coffee with my mom, and then biked to school like the wind. At school we saw the cute Halloween parade, I wrote up notes for the field trip I took today on makerspaces, and then I went rockclimbing and watched Ghostbusters - I wanted to review it as a tween movie, but it was not a tween movie, maybe - I didn't remember the ghost blowjob scene???

Today I went and visited two Learning Commons models at the San Francisco Friend's School and the St. Francis High School in Mountain View. A couple really interesting models; we're thinking about ways to make our library more participatory and diverse in uses. When I got home, I took care of other life things, including preparing for the conference and California Library Association board meetings. I feel perpetually behind this week, having not "been in school" for a couple days, and I'm going away this weekend. That is a bit how things are going this semester - I have troubles because I sign up for everything!

These troubles include: not making birthday cards for anyone in months, missing the deadline to change from regular to special session, and doing things with one eye on another thing. I'm in class, but I'm designing a business card. I'm reading a chapter in a textbook, but I'm also making a to-do list. I'm having coffee with my mom, but I'm also cleaning up and packing. I look forward to having a couple less things to do someday. Someday!

Tomorrow I head to LA for a CLA Board Meeting, which I am currently reading and preparing for, and I hope madly that I will be able to focus on school work on Sunday. I don't think all the madness is totally because of being an online student, but I do think it comes partly from being able to do too much. I can add another club in, because my time is structured almost completely by me. I don't have other students to keep me sane or remind me what's due, or many professors that I feel I know well enough to get their advice. This semester I have felt a bit down on the online format, especially after visiting SJSU and remembering how wonderful campuses are... Look! Real people! I found this on SJSU's website, so I don't actually know them, but they're keeping me company tonight.